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Battery life calculator for projects with sleep mode

This application is intended to help you find out how much time will your project run on battery depending on power consumption and battery capacity rating. Comparing to other battery life calculators, this one features an algorithm that can input sleep duration and number of wakes. This feature is very handy for Internet of Things(IoT) projects that use WiFi Modules capable of sleep modes like ESP8266, ESP32.

Battery life calculator App

– The output of this calculator is an estimate, not a guarantee.
– Capacity is automatically derated by 15% to account for some self discharge.
– Other factors such as temperature can extend or shorten the battery life.

mAHr Capacity of typical batteries that we’re likely to use:

AAA 1200 (Alkaline)
800–1000 (NiMH)F
AA 2700 (alkaline)
3000 (Lithium-Rechargeable)
1700–2900 (NiMH)
C 8000 (alkaline)
4500–6000 (NiMH)
D 12000 (alkaline)
2200–12000 (NiMH)
19000 (Lithium-Primary) 3.6V
9V Transistor 565 (alkaline)
1200 (lithium-Primary)
175–300 (NiMH)
6V Lantern 26000 (alkaline)
CR2032 240 (Lithium-Primary) 3.6V
CR2016 90 (Lithium-Primary) 3.6V
1/10 D 1000 (Lithium-Primary) 3.6V
4 Farad Cap 1 (loses 1 volt in 1 hour at 1mA)

This application was inspired from oregonembedded.com

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