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Parrot Bebop vs Hubsan H501s X4 – Best two drones under 300$

Either you are in love with photography or you are passionate about aeronautics models, or maybe you just need a great toy for any age, a drone is the perfect fun gadget that you can get. After two months of analysis and research I can finally present you the two best drones under 300$ available on the market nowadays. After reading hundreds of articles and reviews and watching hours of videos I can tell you that the best drones under 300$ are the Parrot Bebop Drone ($$) and the Hubsan H501S X4 ($$), and in this article you will find everything you need to know about both models.

Drone comparison: Hubsan H501S X4 and The Parrot Bebop Drone – The two best drones under 300$ in 2017

My kid is turning two years soon, and he is unstoppable like road runner, so I thought that the best way to capture his joy moments together with my family is by filming the hole action with a drone. This is not my first attempt in getting my first drone. In the past I had few tryouts but all failed because of the huge prices and lack of features at that time. Today the story has changed. The drone market is growing extremely fast and thanks to that, the prices are getting decent and many people can afford such a gadget. There is no doubt that drones are quickly becoming the hottest hobby or passion for most of us.

Quick introduction in drones – categories and types

Before getting into more details, you first need to know that drones are divided in several categories according to their features, capabilities and depending on what type of activity you can execute with them. At this moment we can group them in the following categories:

Military Drones

Parrot Bebop vs Hubsan H501s X4 - Best two drones under 300$

Having a military background, I can tell you that probably beside the purpose for what they build them, any other details and specifications about military drones are probably classified and what you can find over the internet are pure speculations. This is normal, the military advanced technology has security scope and makes the difference on the battlefield, and because of that each country protects it.

Telemetry / mapping / cartography drones

Parrot Bebop vs Hubsan H501s X4 - Best two drones under 300$

This type of drones are not so common. They are highly advanced drones created for serving exact purposes. They are used in industries like agriculture, surveying and mapping, construction, utilities and telecom or public safety. Their main features are complex data-logging software, very accurate GPS systems, high altitude flight capabilities and a very big focal optical zoom photo cameras.

Aerial video / photography drones

Parrot Bebop vs Hubsan H501s X4 - Best two drones under 300$

This drones are very common and you can find them everywhere. But that does not make them cheap. The prices vary allot from 50$ to 5000$ depending on many factors like video quality, system stabilization for camera, maneuverability, live video streaming or FPV (First Person View). Probably you have seen them at various events like weddings, many video freelancers or companies use them to take unique scenes on events. This type of drones are also used in movies industry too, most of the stunts and impossible scenes are recorded with professional aerial video drones. Medium and low budget aerial drones are mostly used by hobbyists and regular people just to capture unique moments or nice landscapes.

Racing drones

Parrot Bebop vs Hubsan H501s X4 - Best two drones under 300$

Some of you would say that racing drones are actually toy drones for big people but this is not entirely true. Racing drone are incredible powerful and strong, they are built using very strong materials made to be durable and resist on multiple crashes. Racing drones can fly at high speeds and they can be very agile. Racing competitions require extreme turning, cornering and also stunts like flip-over and quick rotations. Also all racing drones come with a FPV camera ready to broadcast video signal directly to the player trough 5.8Ghz radio channels. The video signal is received using video glasses called goggles which offers incredible real pilot experiences with OSD information.

Goods delivery drones

Parrot Bebop vs Hubsan H501s X4 - Best two drones under 300$

This category is struggling to break out but the flight legislation and also the hackers are stopping it. Big online eCommerce platforms like Amazon are trying to implement drones as a transportation method for shipping orders in remote areas. They are called this machines the Prime Air, and for now Amazon wants to deliver with them quick orders in flights no more than 30 minutes, but they promise that this will be the future. Big companies like Facebook and Google also are experimenting flight models like drones or balloons but because each country has different legislation for flying its almost impossible to cover all. Also hackers are a real problems because the most skilled can easily hack these machines and take control.

Toy drones

Parrot Bebop vs Hubsan H501s X4 - Best two drones under 300$

Off course in the end we can name them all toys, but because toys are made for kids we need to stay focused on products which are safe for children, easy to use, funny and cheap. Toy drones are less complicated, they use small remotes with low range and mostly no more than 2 to 4 control channels. Also they come with plenty protection components in order to avoid hurting and self destroying. Toys usually work with simple AA batteries and do not require complicated features like GPS systems and various sensors because accuracy is not important.

Which one fits for you?

Parrot Bebop vs Hubsan H501s X4 - Best two drones under 300$

Well, if you write down 5 reasons why you want to buy a drone, it will be very easy to know which category will match you. I, for instance, was extremely attracted by racing drone when I first saw them, the speed and strength and the way they are built ed is just amazing. But when I looked over my needs I clearly saw that this type of drone will not satisfy my needs. Despite they are very agile and strong, they are lacking many features like GPS which allows hovering at a fixed point, return home, follow me, also many of them don’t have Headless operation, which is a great feature for less experienced pilots like me. Nevertheless camera is intended only for FPV broadcasting only and not for footage, therefore the image quality is very bad. But if you are looking for extreme fun or you are a Hobby Maker, this might be your choice. Being constructed in a modular fashion, they offer the possibility to add accessories, new modules, or do fine running, which is perfect for geeks and fans.

Deciding factors – what matters?

One of the main factor that made me change my mind about which I should get is the battery and the flight time during a single charge. Most of the available drone, regardless the price have a flight time between 5 and 12 minutes, which is very short, at leas for me, and because of this you are forced to have multiple batteries.

Another factor was the distance range that the drone can be operated at, usually the budget drones can be safely operated under 200m, which is not so great when you want to take aerial footage. With range, another factor gets in and I am talking about the video signal. There is no point to have the possibility to send the drone at 1km distance, if you cannot control it there, so for that many drones offer live video broadcasting on the remote controller or via a smartphone/tablet .

Probably the hardest job for me was to find a drone with a decent minimum 1080p camera that weigh under 500g. I don’t know the U.S. laws, but in Romania everything that flies and is not a bird must have certificate and papers, and getting those papers cost you almost as getting the same papers for a Boeing plane (~150-200Euro). So finding a drone that has less than 500g with battery and camera included was a tough job. Almost all drones that offer a decent camera with stabilizers and anti-vibration adapters (gimbal) are weighing over 1kg, and for me this is not a deal. Also the size is growing with the quality, and I need a drone which can be easily transported and does not occupy allot of space in my luggage.

To be more precise this are my 5 checks that need to be achieved by the winning choice:

Well, I digged and digged and after two months I come up with two of the best drones fitting my above checklist: Parrot Bebop 1, the first Bebop model made by Parrot and H501S x4 made by Hubsan. I can tell you from start that none of this meet up all the conditions, but this two models are closest that I could find. I am still not sure which one to order, but hopefully at the end of this article I will heave a more clear image.

Hubsan H501S X4 quick overview (SEE PRICE)

Parrot Bebop vs Hubsan H501s X4 - Best two drones under 300$

Hubsan is a China company with headquarters in Shenzhen, specialized in drones and accessories. They also have services and sales units in North America and the products that they manufacture are considered decent quality. They make quadcopters in different sizes and versions, having quite a large price scale. H501S X4 is a middle edge product which can be bought in two versions: Standard and High / Advanced. The Hubsan H501S X4 is a FPV brushless quadcopter with many amazing features at a very decent price.

On the official website the Standard version costs 239$ and the Advanced / High version is 289$. The price is actually amazing after you see what features has to offer. Let’s count them down below:

When it comes to safety, this drone provides high end features too. For example if the radio connection with the controller is lost for more than 3 seconds, it will automatically return to home and land safely. Also this drone is programmed to automatically decide what to do when the power ends: either will safely land on the spot or it will first return to home and land depending on the remaining juice.

The Hubsan H501S ($$ price on Amazon) standard version comes with a 4.3 inch screen on the controller which provide a decent video image and also many telemetry information like altitude, GPS coordinates, distance and many others. On this remote controller you can also find an SD card slot which should give you the possibility to directly record the image from the FPV screen (some people say that this feature is available but not activated). Also a miniUSB port is available for firmware updates and on the left side two 3.5mm jack ports for video out. Unfortunately the in video output you don get the OSD telemetry info, only the camera image.

Parrot Bebop vs Hubsan H501s X4 - Best two drones under 300$ Parrot Bebop vs Hubsan H501s X4 - Best two drones under 300$

The difference between the standard and high / advanced version is only in the controller. The high version come with a more advanced remote controller which beside the professional look and feel, offers a way better range because of the external antennas for both 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz. There are also few downsides at this version like the missing SD card slot a smaller LCD display of only 3.7 inch. The external antennas promise a control distance of about 1.8 Km compared with the standard controller which offers around 300m. Both controllers have dedicated buttons for taking photos and starting video recording, and also two way switches for activating GPS and RTH function. You can also click on each stick, the left one turns on/off headless mode and the right one activates the follow me function. Finally to arm the quadcopter (as soon as you are receiving at least 6 GPS satellites), you have to push both sticks in lower outer directions.

Parrot Bebop vs Hubsan H501s X4 - Best two drones under 300$

The PM1806 X4 brushless motors are decent, having a KV rate = 1650. For those who don’t know, in brushless motors KV means the number of revolutions per minute that the motor will turn when 1V (one Volt) is applied with no load attached to the motor, or KV = RPM / Volts.The battery is a 7.4V LiPo rated at 2300mAh weighing about 100g which offers a nice 20 minutes flight time, but needs at least 120 minutes to make a full charge. The quadcopter has 4 big LEDs indicators in the landing feet that makes different signal colors depending on what information are providing.

Parrot Bebop vs Hubsan H501s X4 - Best two drones under 300$

The FPV radio frequency can be tuned in order to pair with almost every FPV screen / glasses receiver. The weight advantage makes this quadcopter very powerful, also being able to lift an external camera with a dedicated gimbal, even though the producers are not recommending.

The Parrot Bebop Drone quick overview (SEE PRICE)

Parrot Bebop vs Hubsan H501s X4 - Best two drones under 300$ Parrot Bebop vs Hubsan H501s X4 - Best two drones under 300$

Comparing with Hubsan, Parrot has a bigger awareness in electronics world after being in top 3 car kits producers in the world. Parrot is a wireless electronics manufacturer based in Paris, France founded in 1994, with about 1000 employees. The Parrot Bebop Drone ($$ price on Amazon) is an extraordinary product which had a great success in all over the world despite the spicy price. Parrot do not have many drones, the Parrot Bebop Drone is actually the top edge, they also make Parrot AR, which is a bit weaker and cheaper, and also few minidrones like Swing, Mambo and the well known racing jumping ones.

As we speaking, Parrot is already selling Bebop 2, a improved version of Bebop 1 which costs about 550$, leaving the first version somewhere behind in the middle range. The first version can still be found on the official website, but its hidden somewhere in the back in a category called outlet. They officially still selling but the price (399$) is way to high comparing to Amazon or other retailers. You can still find this model in Amazon between 190-270$ in a new condition in both red and blue versions.

Parrot Bebop vs Hubsan H501s X4 - Best two drones under 300$ Parrot Bebop vs Hubsan H501s X4 - Best two drones under 300$

The feature that brings the Parrot Bebop Drone in this articles is the built-in camera. There is no other drone under 300$, even under 350$ to have a better camera than this little bird. Another reason is the weight, this drone weighs only 420g which is very convenient in many countries. Bebop 1 features a 14Mpx CMOS camera with a optical Fish-eye lens. It can record 1080p videos at 30fps in H264 format and capture photos with 4096x3072px.

The most amazing features that makes Parrot Bebop Drone ($$) a serious competitor against Hubsan is the 3-axle stabilization system for camera which allows you to record amazing stable videos in any weather conditions. This digital stabilization systems makes a huge difference if you are thinking to get a drone for video footage and aerials photos and Its almost comparable with professional expensive stabilization gimbals from DJI drones giving you incredible stable raw footage.

Parrot Bebop Drone 1 ($$ in Amazon) comes with 3-axle magnetometer, gyroscope and accelerometer, a ultrasonic sensor in the bottom for smooth landing experience, a barometer for altitude hold and nice hovering, and a GNSS (GPS + GLONASS) System for geopositioning. Transmission is done via aerial dipoles connected to 2.4 and 5Ghz frequency bands up to 21dBm which should offer a range up to 250m.

The standard Parrot Bebop package does not comes with a controller. Yes, this is a tremendous downside. You can opt for a controller which can be bought individually, but it costs almost as much as the drone itself. Without this controller the drone can be controlled by any Android, IOS or Windows Phone compatible smartphone or tablet. Parrot has a very nice app which gives you great features and also a real time FPV wide image. The downside is that the signal range depends of the quality of your smartphone / tablet WiFi antenna. Most of the time the signal is weak and suffers in areas with many WiFi hot-spots and can be also degraded by walls or other solid obstacles.

Parrot Bebop vs Hubsan H501s X4 - Best two drones under 300$ Parrot Bebop vs Hubsan H501s X4 - Best two drones under 300$

The standard Parrot Bebop package includes the drone, 2 proprietary batteries, charger, 8 propellers and indoor gull. The motors are brushless with a rotating cage, and they operate with a speed between 7500 – 10500rpm. An traditional kit with 4 motors can be bought with about 100$ from the official store.

Head to head comparison – pros and cons


I already wrote 3800 words about those two drones and I’m still not sure which one should I’ll buy. The Hubsan H501S X4 ($$ in Amazon) is more fun than the Bebop, thanks to the dedicated controllers and much powerful motors. Besides the fact that has photo/video capabilities the H501S will also offer a very awesome playful experience thanks to the pretty good maneuverability. The advanced controller will also make happy the most exigent hobbyists, providing high quality materials and a nice design. On the other hand, the standard Parrot Bebop ($$ in Amazon) offers outstanding video capabilities for such a price. Thanks to the video stabilization system, the Bebop Drone can be easily used for semi-professional video recording and this makes it a good choice for freelancers and event hunters.

The perfect drone for me should be exactly the combination between Parrot Bebop Drone and Hubsan H501S X4. Nice controller with stabilized good camera and decent range. As this is not available under 300$ I will probably end up buying both of them and enjoy using them for various activities. I know that for that price I can get a DJI Phantom 3 but like I told you, the weight of such a model is over the amateur laws. I hope this article will support you in doing the best choice if you haven’t done already.

Hoping that this article inspired you, I kindly invite you share this articlesubscribe my YouTube channel and join the communities on social networks. Feel free to comment or send suggestions / remarks so i can improve the content quality.

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10 Replies to “Parrot Bebop vs Hubsan H501s X4 – Best two drones under 300$”

  1. Haakon says:

    I like the article but I must add there are TONS of options when it comes to quadcopters. The most important thing one must come to terms with when selecting a drone is learning to fly it. Most newbies are overwhelmed over how hard they actually are to fly and control. IMO the best beginner quad you can get is a Syma X5C-1. Its cheap, extremly stable, very simple and you can’t really damage it even if you try. Hubsan X4 is a step up from this and a quick look into the world of FPV flying. I don’t know Bebop but to me it seems it mainly focuses on photo/video. Another thing that (to some) can be a negative thing about your two selected quads is that too much “help” is just too much help. Using return to home, headless mode, waypoints, altitude hold and so on, is kinda ruining the whole point of learning to fly a quadcopter. If you’re a photo enthusiast then by all means, go for something like bebop or even phantom as a first quad. But if you’re more into actually flying the quads than recording videos, you really should stay away from all those “add-ons”.

  2. Steve says:

    As already stated there are many other models that in my opinion are way better then these 2 and for the same price. Vifly R220 being my pick. Decent article overall tho

    • GeeksTips says:

      Hi, I looked over Vifly R220. Thats a pure racing drone, although the flysky I6 is very nice, the drone is quite niched for racing amateurs. I find it useless for my needs, but good for fun. Also its unusable without glasses which means that it actually is not under 300$.

  3. CFD says:

    Hello, i have the same problem also România, i am thinking at modifying or building a drone from scratch, 500g limits alot.

    • GeeksTips says:

      500g is ok without the battery 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    Excellente analyse moi je penche pour le 501s avec autonomie + de 20mn c’est pas rien, sécurités que l’on peut supprimer rth , follow me ,télécommande , fiabilité accrue et le tarif franchement j’esite pas une batterie en plus et quasiment 1h de vol. Grâce à toi mon choix fait merci

  5. jabon says:

    thanks for your writeup. Can you post a video of the quadcopter you eventually bought?

    • GeeksTips says:

      Long and sad story… I ordered Hubsan with regular post, the customs didn’t pass the battery claiming security issues. After that I returned the package and bought a JJRC H36 for fun. Now I am waiting for a racing 250 FPV to come, together with a Flysky I6 transmitter. Be careful when your order has LiPo in the packages 🙁

  6. Wonderful drone.i like these drone.see more at.Best Drones

  7. Thank your for your write up and information. I am fortunate to be in the United States and didn’t realize how good we have it here with regard to drone laws and restrictions. I did a ton of research before deciding on a drone to purchase as you did. I ended up settling on the Hubsan H501S and can say without a doubt that I am completely happy with my decision. The drone cost me $131 dollars US dollars. For that I got the drone, standard controller, lipo batteries for the transmitter and drone,4 extra propellers, sun shield, and balance charger. For 15 dollars I did the antenna modification. For another 15 dollars I got prop guards and landing legs for take off and landing on grassy surfaces. The price of accessories for this drone are amazingly cheap and readily available over most of the world. I have had no problems with it whatsoever other than a flyaway that I caused by not waiting for the system to acquire enough satellites. I have easily achieved over 600 meters in altitude. I’m sure it can go much higher. I have not tried to test maximum distance yet,but 1000 meters is easily achieved. The photos and video are surprisingly good. You only feel the need for a gimbal when making quick lateral movements as they show up as a very jerky picture. The rest however is very nice and stable appearing. 20 minutes flight time per battery is legitimate. The transmitter battery will easily last 3 to 4 flights before charging. For 40 dollars US I also purchased one extra transmitter battery and 2 more for the drone. Oh, also a lipo safe charging case. Return to home works exactly as it should as does orbit mode. It will hover and hold extremely well. All of this provided you acquired enough satellites as you should and did the compass calibration correctly. Very happy so far with maybe a dozen flights in. Note for those who have had problems or crashes – The aircraft does not have object avoidance features so take that into account when using RTH or orbit mode. Using these features in close proximity to trees or other tall objects will likely lead to disaster. A proper compass calibration is incredibly important as well as satellite acquisition. Do not launch with anything less than 6 satellites on the drone and transmitter each. Make sure to turn on GPS switch before taking off. If you are a novice and take off without GPS on you will almost undoubtedly end up crashing. Wow, this turned out much longer than intended. Hope this helps you or someone. Regards

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